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l : * ttter

The kinect is used to control:
1. the sound analogic to old theremin - distance of hand from virtual antenna (center of screen) is controlling pitch of oscilator and cutoff frequency of low pass filter.
2. loading removing and mashing up the text - there are three areas on the screen controlling each operation. Text are chosen and remixed by Zuzana - the text is a remix of texts from European electronic literature, mostly from Central and Eastern Europe with focus on Net.Art works - reminding an (online) communication between 2 people/machines/...
3. drawing shapes - there is defined distance of tracked hand from the kinect sensor. When user cross this boundary in case of Z axis it activetes/deactivates drawing mode

I : *ttter from Lubomir Panak (drakh) on Vimeo.

I'm_in > 1

real-time t-jing, v-jing, d-jing in action - Zuzana writes the poem into feeder, Ana transforms them into visual play and Lubo adds the music element

feed from chaosdroid on Vimeo.