Poem Pulse

is g.a.c.o.i. (Generative, Autopoietic, Collaborative, Open-ended, Intermedial) electronic literary piece.


generative is the poem´s last stanza of– system picks out one minipulse out of the list of the saved minipulses
generative is the visual – the leading geometry and thus also the placement of the lyrics
generative is the composition of the loops of the main melody


the concept of its being autopoietic represents the fact, that the final stanza is a minipoem that was created from the words of the whole poem, thus creating a part of it from itself


pulse is collaborative because after having read the whole poem, a reader can create her own minipoem by clicking on the projected words of pulse


its open-ended nature allows (through reader´s submission of the minipoem and its saving) to extend the list of minipoems, out of which generates the stanza of the next pulses


intermediality brings about the multisensory experience as well as refers to phenomena that broaden the poem´s concept above the textual semantics. The drawing of the lines helps the reader follow the path of the unpacking words prior to their emergence. Thus the reader can get better oriented. One of the sound loops consists of sound elements recorded in Bratislava city centre and thus enriches the poem by a geographic dimension.